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Legislation Help

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Legislation is the law as it is passed by government. In addition to the Acts passed by parliament are Regulations (or "subsidiary legislation"), which are rules set by government departments and which operate under their respective Acts.

PacLII carries "current consolidations", which are versions of the Acts as amended and currently in operation. It is important to check the last date of consolidation.

PacLII also carries legislation and subsidiary legislation which has been passed since the last consolidation under the heading "Sessional Legislation". Users are advised to look for any amendments to the legislation or subsidiary legislation they are considering.

Using Legislation

Each section is preceeded by a number of "buttons". The meaning of these is as follows:

Printing Legislation

To print the entire Act, click Download at the top of the page. You will be asked to select a format. If available, you should always chose "RTF", since this is a widely used word processor format and is easy to work with. Click on "RTF" (or some other format if you prefer). You may be asked where you want to save the file. Chose an appropriate location, then click OK. Some browsers are configured to skip this step, and start your word processor automatically to load the document.

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